Control Top Panty-Truth


Last week I finished the quirky and engaging YA novel, The Truth Commission by Susan Juby.

It’s a fictitious exploration of the concept of truth!

The cast is made up of art students!

The execution of the book is like nothing you’ve read before!

If that description hasn’t won you over, you may be a robot and you should knock on your chest to check. I’ll wait.

….Did it make a tinny sound? No? Okay, you’re probably fine.

I recently submitted a very personal article to xoJane. It was my own admission of truth and I went back and forth about it. Writing the piece was difficult enough. Putting it out there for the world to see was terrifying.

Being honest is like being seen in our underwear. And not that cute matching bra and panty set you spent too much money on, either. (Aside: *shudder* panty is my least favourite word in the english language)

Being honest is like rolling up (or down, both can be equally humiliating) a pair of control top pantyhose. You only want people who have already proven they love you unconditionally to witness it.

But maybe that isn’t true. I have decided to proceed in life with the belief that the truth really can set us free and, as long as we are the ones in control of how and when it comes out, telling the truth about ourselves can be empowering.

In the end, the publication of that article wound up being a surprisingly positive experience. To paraphrase a friend who is probably paraphrasing someone else, vulnerability is the balm of shame.

You can find the article here.

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