What’s Your Fatal Flaw?

Buzzfeed quizzes are all the rage. They really are. I mean, people love them. Maybe they’re so popular for darker reasons, or maybe they are just an entertaining time waster. Regardless, we all learn a little something about ourselves after taking one, don’t we?

Look, I ain’t fancy enough to build a quiz into this blog–in fact, I’m so un-fancy I just used the word “ain’t”, but I do know a little something about the human psyche. I don’t mean to brag, but I have a few friends who are therapists (therapists who, despite my best efforts, refuse to move into my neighbourhood and become MY therapist for free).

Let’s learn a little more about each other, shall we? Gaze deep into your subconscious, and decide:

WHAT’S YOUR (probably not) FATAL (because that just seems melodramatic) FLAW???

1. The Monologuer – You are almost always talking. When you aren’t talking (usually about yourself), you’re thinking about talking. And talking to yourself in your head. Probably about yourself.

Comic Book Soul Mate: Batgirl

2. The Blander – You are very nice and find it easy to get along with everyone. You worry about your friends. And strangers. And people who may or may not exist. Your favourite toiletry item is probably Brylcreem. But let’s face it: you are just not very interesting.

Comic Book Soul Mate: Captain America. Or Superman. Or Jean Grey (minus the whole Phoenix drama)

3. The Wizard of Id – You know what you want and you want it now…..NOW, YOU SAID!!! NOW, NOW, NOW!!!!! Grrrrrrrr……

Comic Book Soul Mate: The Hulk.

Non-Comic Book Soul Mate: Every toddler who ever lived.

4. The Complicator – Sure you have some close friends and you love your family, but no one really gets you, do they? They think they know you, but how can they truly? Even when you’re surrounded by people, you feel alone. Also, you tend to use sarcasm as a defence mechanism.

Comic Book Soul Mate: Spiderman.

5. The Shadow Lurker – You know who we should totally meet? Your best friend. That person’s the coolest! And you guys had the craziest night last night–but you totally can’t tell us about it, because we’d never believe it! It was nuts! Your best friend is so unbelievably awesome and smart and kind of quirky and they say the funniest things just when you think they’re going to get in trouble for something! Also, they have the sweetest ride. Seriously. We would diiiiiie if we saw it. (sigh) You simply can’t wait to hang out with your best friend again.

Comic Book Soul Mate: Robin

Which one am I? I have a blog. Clearly I am an annoying Monologuer. Now which one are YOU?! Fess up!

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