What I love. Specifically.

I love getting into specifics. They say the devil’s in the details. Well, so’s the meat and I’m a carnivore!



Most people have a specific way they like to eat Oreos. Me? I twist those suckers open, eat the dry cookie side first, lick the frosting, and then eat the frosting side.

Most of us are pretty specific about which way we want the toilet paper to hang on the roll, too. (Fun Fact: I went through a rebellious phase where I demanded the toilet paper go under instead of over. Oh, the follies of youth.)

I have OCD, so I’m specific about a lot of things. Some of those things make me ADORABLE (just ask me!), some make me insufferable (just ask everybody else…) Recently, while trying to pick out a new book, I realized how specific my tastes can be when it comes to reading.

Here are my favourite sub-sub-subgenres.


  • Women’s Fiction where the main character is a tv writer/showrunner (examples: The Next Best Thing, Landline, Where We Belong)
  • Thrillers set in Ireland with elements of magical realism (examples: The Likeness, The Secret Place)
  • Contemporary Young Adult Fiction with characters who are geniuses and/or go to art school (examples: The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You, The Truth Commission)
  • Books written by people who used to be theatre majors (examples: anything by David Nicholls, Emily St John Mandel, and Susan Elizabeth Phillips)
  • Romance novels that also read like real estate porn and/or menus for restaurants I’d like to eat at (examples: Natural Born Charmer, Bet Me)

I’d love to hear about the sub-sub-subgenres you gravitate towards. Come and get specific with me.


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