Letting It Linger

I spent last week on a boat. We hung out in Sidney (BC, not Australia), Victoria (again, the one in BC, not in the presence of the deceased queen), a little marina called Poet’s Cove, and Vancouver.

Luckily, the boat comes equipped with the two people featured here who actually know how to sail the thing. I’m only good for tying bumpers and occasionally raising the sails.

After a week of boat living, I still feel the sways of the sea even on solid land. I’m swaying right now as I type this. That sailing feeling lingers for days after.

Isn’t it funny how when something bad happens, the feeling of being hurt and humiliated stays long after the incident ends? Sorry, did I say funny? I meant BRUTAL.

I find it so much harder to hang on to the feeling I get after a thoughtful compliment or a bit of good news. It’s like I suck the good stuff up and then demand my crew put up our ship’s shields again immediately lest we get attacked by The Borg.

It’s no way to live, dudes.

In the interest of letting the good stuff linger, I’m sharing a bit of good news with all y’all followed by a bit of wisdom from a therapist friend of mine. (Hey, Mandy: your cameos are becoming so frequent on this blog, I may have to start paying you as a reoccurring character!)


I’ve had a few experiences recently that have bolstered my writing career. Here’s one of them:

Remember when I Pimped My Bio for a (not so) little writing competition called Pitch Wars? And then I talked about the possibility of Not Getting In?

I GOT IN! My manuscript was selected by the brilliant badass Sonia Hartl, who has agreed to mentor me into greatness. I love her.

I plan to write all about this experience at a later date. For now, I’m letting the knowledge that my writing was strong enough and my story compelling enough to be selected by Sonia.

BIT OF WISDOM (courtesy of the wise & lovely Mandy)

I’m pretty up front about having OCD and dealing with anxiety. One of the most helpful tips Mandy gave me was to go on the treadmill or do yoga at approximately the same time every day. She explained that if my body and mind became accustomed to those good feelings I get as I go for a walk or do yoga from 7-7:30 every evening, those feelings will recreate themselves inside me at that time even on the days I don’t get the chance to exercise.

That. Is. AWESOME. It’s even better than feeling as though I’m on the ocean when I’m actually landlocked.

When I was a teenager I heard something about how it takes ten compliments to counteract the effect of one hurtful comment. Now, that doesn’t sound very sciencey, so I can’t speak to whether or not it’s actually true, but it sure feels true, doesn’t it? You know what else feels true? That I have some control over how I feel. And today I’m choosing to let the good stuff linger.

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