School Year’s Resolutions

(CUE: “Back to School Again” from Grease 2)


Ahhh, September. It brings the changing of leaves, a new school year for my kids, and yet another anniversary of my 23rd birthday.

I also find it is the best time to make my resolutions. My School Year’s Resolutions, if you will.

A year ago, my wise and talented friend, Kathryn Moss, introduced me to the practice of choosing a word to focus on as a resolution, rather than a series of unobtainable goals. After meditating on it, I chose the word Release.

During that year, I accomplished the following:

  1. I wrote a book and released it into the arms of a bevy of literary agents (who didn’t really want it). When that didn’t pan out, I released the idea of having that manuscript as my debut novel and began writing another one.
  2. I released a lot of pain I was carrying from an incident that had occurred a dozen years prior (with the help of smart friends and hard work).
  3. I really focused on releasing my anger when it flared up. I mean, I didn’t release it like this:


No, I learned to release my anger more like this:


As I’ve meditated on which word to build this coming year around, I keep coming back to the same one: Compassion.

It’s easy for me to show compassion towards my kids. They’re super cute. I mean, my 5yo just asked me “When is the parent and teacher conferviews going to be?” And my 7yo’s giggle is the single most adorable sound in human history.

Giving love and exhibiting understanding to my darling rascals comes naturally to me. Adults can be a little trickier. And I can be the trickiest adult of all.

I will apply my chosen resolution word this new school year in a myriad of ways. For example, I will show compassion:

  • to the deli counter worker who was rude to me. Who knows what happened to her the moment before I walked up and placed my order.
  • to my spouse, who has a very stressful job and maybe needs an extra back scratch every night.
  • to the parents at pick-up and drop-off who may be in a rush or have sick kids and that’s why they’re parking like maniacs.
  • to the person who just cut in front of me in line at the bookstore because maybe whoever raised them forgot to teach them manners.
  • to myself, because I’ve got lofty goals, high expectations, and a strict schedule for myself. It might take me longer to get where I want to be, and that’s okay. I can only control so much (at least until I achieve total world dominance).

If you are keen on this kind of resolution and feel comfortable, tell me YOUR words.

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