Who are you channeling?

Hey, darlings.

I woke up in the mood to list some kickass female characters and that’s what I’m going to do. Here’s a group of gals I channel when I’m in need of a boost:

Stella Gibson (The Fall)


Stella is tough, focused. She’s flawed, but fantastic at her job. And she maintains a deep level of compassion as she wades through the darkest swamps of human nature/nurture.

I channel Stella when I check the news every morning.

Dora (Dora the Explorer)


Look, dudes. Mock me all you want, but when Dora sees where she needs to go and realizes she has to go over a waterfall, past a troll bridge, and through a creepy forest, does she ever say, “I’M OUT. NO THANKS.” No. No, she does not. She takes her backpack, her red boot-wearing monkey, and she meets every challenge.

I channel Dora when there are too many things standing between me and the end of the day.

Beyoncé (Planet Earth)


While Beyoncé’s not a character from a movie or TV show, I would argue anyone famous has a public persona they put on.

Beyoncé gets stuff done. She’s the queen of empowerment and turning negative emotions into productive emotions. Get in Formation already, will you?

I channel Beyoncé every chance I get.

Phyllis Nefler (Troop Beverly Hills)


We’ve all got different skills and different ways of getting things done/coping. You gotta do you. Also, don’t forget about self-care. Phyllis Nefler wouldn’t.

I channel Phyllis when I feel like I’m not good enough but also when I know I need a break.

Princess Leia/General Organa (Star Wars)

Princess Leia protest art poster by Ladies Who Design

I’m channeling Princess Leia right now.


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