All of the following novels are either being revised or on submission to publishers: Florence Leary’s Theory of Flight, LOVE.DECONSTRUCTED, Ava Casterwill’s Time/Space Catastrophe, Sociopop, and Shadowselves. 



The Greg & Danny Show (31 Plays in 31 Days finalist, 2013)

100 Days of Sunlight (Nextfest, 2009)



I bought my first bikini when I was 29 and pregnant (HelloGiggles, 2016)

There’s a Romance Novel for Every First-Time Reader (xoJane, 2016)

Here’s an Update on 5 of Our Fictional Childhood Boyfriends (HelloGiggles, 2016)

I Tried to Use Meditation to Cure My OCD (xoJane, 2016)

It Happened to Me: I Was Hired by Mattel to Be a Real Life Barbie (xoJane, 2016)

Interview with Canadian songstress, Susan Aglukark (SEE Magazine, 2010)


That Time I Wound up in the British Tabloids

Daily Mail


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